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NBA offseason--status of teams now that the initial rush of signing players is over

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  • NBA offseason--status of teams now that the initial rush of signing players is over

    Now that the summer leagues have wrapped up and the initial blitz of signing and trading players has settled down, here is where teams stand regarding the salary cap/luxury tax and roster composition.

    Teams Under Salary Cap ($112,410,000)
    Oklahoma City Thunder $72,735,552
    Orlando Magic $111,970,491

    Teams Over Luxury Tax ($145,000,000)
    Golden State Warriors $177,949,326
    Brooklyn Nets $175,735,213
    Los Angeles Clippers $168,166,679
    Milwaukee Bucks $158,571,684
    Utah Jazz $154,717,409
    Los Angeles Lakers $152,961,109

    Teams with more than 15 players
    Memphis Grizzlies - 18
    San Antonio Spurs - 17
    Boston Celtics - 16
    Charlotte Hornets - 16
    Detroit Pistons - 16
    Golden State Warriors - 16
    Milwaukee Bucks - 16
    New Orleans Pelicans - 16
    Toronto Raptors - 16

    Teams with less than 15 players
    Atlanta Hawks - 14
    Cleveland Cavaliers - 14
    Miami Heat - 14
    Oklahoma City Thunder - 14
    Orlando Magic - 14
    Phoenix Suns - 14
    Portland Trail Blazers - 13
    Chicago Bulls - 12
    Los Angeles Lakers - 12
    Minnesota Timberwolves - 11

    One team that has been pretty inactive this offseason is Minnesota. The odd thing is they have only 11 players signed plus 2 two-way players. Malik Beasley just finished serving a prison sentence over the summer. It seems they have some roster work to do.

    The Lakers have signed 6 veterans to minimum contracts to join their expensive 3-player core but are still only at 11 players and well into luxury tax territory.

    Oklahoma City is the only team that still has tons of cap room--and will likely continue to take on salary dumps for assets.

    Memphis has some of those assets that they will need to move as they currently have 18 players on their 15 player roster.

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    Maybe another move is still possible for the Jazz. From

    [Discussing Cavaliers' PF situation]
    Either way, Love is still on the roster. He will have a role.

    Mobley will probably average between 32-34 minutes -- and the Cavs recognize it’s best to avoid playing him at center early in his rookie season.

    Nance, a starter-quality forward, deserves about 28-30 minutes per night. Can the Cavs provide that? They also have Dean Wade and Lamar Stevens, both viewed as better options at the 4 as opposed to 3.

    Coming off an injury-wrecked season last year, depth is a great problem to have. But trading Nance would not only declutter that spot, especially if the team can no longer offer the role he deserves, it would be the most logical path to fix that problematic wing spot. Painful and perilous for a multitude of reasons, it’s something the Cavs must consider.

    A defensive-minded and unselfish big man, Nance would be an ideal fit for a playoff team. But he could also help fill an important leadership void for a rebuilding franchise.

    Keep an eye on Detroit and Memphis. Both teams have too many guaranteed contracts. They need to fix that. Sources say Grizzlies small forwards Dillon Brooks and Kyle Anderson are available for the right price. The Pistons are expected to look at dumping either Jahlil Okafor or 2019 No. 15 pick Sekou Doumbouya. Atlanta’s Cam Reddish has been a Cleveland front-office favorite since the 2019 draft. They’ve been in contact with Atlanta about him -- even though the price remains high. Terrence Ross, Joe Ingles, Bojan Bogdanovic, T.J. Warren, Thaddeus Young, Tobias Harris, Jeremy Lamb and Harrison Barnes are also possibilities. Philadelphia is also still expected to move Ben Simmons at some point.

    In initial conversations with teams, sources say most are asking for Cleveland’s 2022 first-round pick (with protections, of course), but that would be incredibly risky for a team with 60 wins the last three years which projects in a best-case scenario to competing for a Play-In spot this season. Without the future first-rounder, which the Cavs seem unwilling to put on the table for any of the “available” wings, Nance becomes the centerpiece.


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      Nance traded but not for any Jazz players.


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        Cleveland gets Lauri Markkanen in a sign and trade from Chicago. Cleveland traded forward Larry Nance Jr. to Portland and a protected 2023 second round pick (via Denver) to Chicago. The Bulls also received forward Derrick Jones Jr. from Portland and the Trail Blazers’ lottery protected 2022 first round pick as part of the trade.

        Memphis bought out Rajon Rondo who will hit the free agent market on Monday--the Lakers are frontrunners to resign him for the league minimum.