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    Ok, I have a few good things. Some really good things actually.

    I'll start with the elephant in the room, that being Damian Lillard. Lillard has not formally asked for a trade but he either wants the Blazers to do something huge or trade him. He has given them a list of 5 teams he would be happy to be traded to, they are The Knicks, the Sixers, The Clippers, The Warriors, and the UTAH JAZZ. The Jazz comes with one caveat, the deal cannot include Mitchell or Gobert.

    The Jazz are interested, but realistically they cannot do it. The Jazz realistically can only do it if they include Gobert. But then Lillard would feel it's the same issue as Portland. So while the Jazz are in play, they're kind of boxed in by their own success.

    The Jazz are being very active right now. They are searching for upgrades at almost every spot. There have been some rumors involving every player but Mitchell. But I am told the chances of them moving Gobert are very very slim.

    While the Jazz are being active, they are more in listen mode then major move mode. They want to re-sign Conley and would prefer to run it back with some tweaks here and there. Money isn't going to be a real issue this season. Apparently, it has been made clear that Smith will pay for a decent shot while this title window is open.

    One of my sources put it at about 75% chance that the Jazz re-sign Mike Conley. They want him, he wants to be here and he likes it here. He does have interest elsewhere. Dallas and the Lakers are very interested. Dallas can offer him more money, but they're a bit of a shit show internally right now.

    It's also highly likely that the Jazz re-signs Georges Niang. He hurt his free agency odds with his piss poor playoff performances. Though this is a place the Jazz would like to upgrade.

    The other place the Jazz are trying to upgrade is going to be Ingles and Favors. Both are likely going to be moved if there is major shake-ups. Ingles has some trade value as he is an expiring contract. One rumor I did hear is Malik Beasley for Ingles and the 30th pick. Minny is in cap hell like the Jazz, just they aren't good. This would save them a lot of money.

    There is some league-wide interest in Bogey as well, but its unsure if the Jazz are interested in moving him. He is the Jazz best trade chip for a blockbuster trade.

    The Jazz do want to add another “star”, but realistically its going to be hard. They have cap issues and really no assets. It is not just Lillard that is unhappy, some other big name guys are unhappy as well.

    The Jazz do have some interest in Ben Simmons. The Jazz see him more of an AK47 type player, but without the shot. There is some serious concern that he is broken mentally by the playoffs and he has been getting heckled and bullied by some sixers fans.

    Another star that could be on the move is Zack Lavine. The Bulls, well frankly, the Bulls don't know what the hell they are doing.

    It is an almost 100% chance the Jazz trade the 30th pick. The Jazz really have no interest in anyone around that spot, and don't want the salary. There are a few guys they like 10-15 and a few that should be available near the middle of the 2nd round. Jazz really like Luka Garza from ISU. Another player they like is former Jazzman Ruben Nembhardt's son RJ. Both players should be available in the 40s

    Like I said, the Jazz main goal is to run it back with some improvements. If they re-sign Conley and Niang they will look for some low cost free agents. Two Blazers could be on their radar. One is Zach Collins. Injuries have really derailed his career and the Blazers didn't even offer him and qualifying offer. They want to retain Lillard, so he will be let go. The other is D-Wade's friend Carmelo Anthony.

    Another possible free agent target is Michael Kidd-Gilcrest.

    There is also some interest from Evan Fournier because he is friends with Rudy. But I'd consider him unlikely.

    Other free agents the Jazz could look at: James Johnson, Cody Zeller, Dante Exum, Darius Miller, Denzel Valentine, Wes Matthews, Mike Muscala, Khem Birch, Jeff Teague, Taj Gibson, Harry Giles, and Frank Jackson.

    In terms of their own free agents, the Jazz want Conley and Niang back, but the rest seem to be goners. Even the two way guys may be gone.

    I am told that the rumor that Snyder was pissed that Lindsey didn't go after another defensive wing and instead got Matt Thomas is false. Lindsey was looking for a defensive wing and had a deal but the deal fell apart.

    The Jazz have some TPE's, but unless a great deal comes up they are unlikely to use them.

    The Draft

    Pistons are taking Cade Cunningham #1. The Cavs are trying to make a huge push but didn't convince the Pistons.

    Houston will likely take Mobley #2. if they do and Green falls to Cleveland at #3, look for the Cavs to try and make a huge push to trade the #3 or one of Sexland.

    After about pick 4 there is a huge drop-off in talent. This is likely where the insane trades will start to happen. A lot of teams are trying to move assets around. Orlando is trying to move one of their top 10 picks for a boatload of picks. Houston is a possibility jumping to 8, especially if Jalen Johnson is there.

    The next huge drop off is at about 18. After that most players would have late 2nd round grades in most other drafts. This is why teams late in the first round and trying to get out of the picks. There are some projects in this class though and some lottery-bound teams are looking for long-term projects.

    A few of the long term projects are: Josh Christopher, Usama Garuba, Isiah Todd, and that Thor kid from Auburn.

    Overall this draft will not be seen as one of the stronger ones. It won't be 00 bad, but it won't be franchise-changing for anyone outside the top 3 or 4 picks.

    Around the League

    Lakers are being their usually aggressive selves. Trying to land a third star.

    The Nets will likely be aggressive in free agency. Boogies Cousins or Andre Drummond are likely to be targets.

    The Knicks will be trying to land a star. They are probably the front runners to get Lillard if he is traded because of their cap space.

    The Spurs are also going to be interesting. There is talk of blowing it up and Pop doesn't seem to want to be part of a rebuild. There is a possibility that the Spurs use their cap room to absorb some contracts and assets. Pop moves to the front office and Becky Hammond takes over on the bench. This might explain what happened in Portland with Hammond.

    Atlanta will be trying to build on their success. They have interest in Rudy Gobert, and had he not extended with the Jazz the Hawks could be his destination. Its unknown what John Collins wants to do. He has several suitors with Dallas and New York being the biggest.

    The Bulls have a lot of internal issues right now. Some want to just blow it up and start over. Others think Lavine and Vujacic are the future. The Bulls are also really scared that with Lavine and team USA he will want to leave. He wants to win.

    Sixers are not as aggressive in shopping Simmons as reported. There are some concerns about his game, but he is still a really good player.

    Miami is having issues too. They are not at all happy about how this season ended and will try to acquire more talent.

    Expect Charlotte to do something stupid again this year. They have legit become the new Clippers. Poorly run by an NBA legand and just making dumb moves. They apparently had a deal for Hayward that would have netted them several picks and turned it down.

    Boston is not as bad as some are reporting. This was a team just ravaged by injuries this year. A lot of them went unreported. Expect them to be good this year. They also needed a leader and Kemba Walker was not that.

    The Thunder will continue to acquire assets this year. They will look to move Walkers contract. Lakers could be in play for him, so could Houston and New York. Thunder really like their core. Look for them to give a lot of time to SGA, Poke, Bazley, Deck and Dort.

    The Thunder appear to be following the Jazz blue print from a few years ago. Go young and get a high pick and hope to hit it off in other places in the draft. OKC also had a lot of injuries this year and didn't care if it was a minor or not. An injured player sat.

    Denver has been really quiet. Jokic is not happy that Unseld left. Thats about all I have heard about them

    Minny continues to be a train wreck. There has been some whispers that they may want to blow it up for when A-rod gets the team he has a clean slate. Also, KAT is not happy with the constant losing.

    Milwaukee and Phoenix have been quiet as well. For obvious reasons, they are focused on winning a title right now.

    Good change Kawhi takes his option this year and stays with the Clippers. Paul George really upped his value in his torturing of the Jazz. Clippers could look to move him. The Clippers may have screwed themselves out of Lillard though with the Luke Kennard deal.

    Expansion talk is continuing. It is pretty much a guarantee that the teams will be in Las Vegas and Seattle. The only thing holding stuff up now is the Minnesota sale. That group may want to move the Wolves to Seattle. If that happened the expansion team would likely be in Louisville or Kansas City. I am told the league has no interest in moving into St Louis. St Louis actually has a good chance of not having a professional sports team left by the close of the decade.

    NHL has already expanded, and it sounds like the NBA and MLB are close. Also expect the NFL to start looking. I mention this because there are some around SLC thinking that the location of the Utah State prison might make for a nice spot to build a massive football/baseball stadium.
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    Malik Beasley would be available because he is high risk. The most recent news on him is he is serving a 120 day prison sentence with a scheduled release date of August 17 due to threatening a family in a SUV with a rifle (and marijuana possession which was dropped in the plea deal).

    Minnesota just signed him to a 4 year extension last November--though the deal is very team friendly--$14.5M in 2021-22, $15.6M in 2022-23, $16.5M in 2023-24, and a $24.9M team option in the 4th year.

    I also cringed a bit at the optimism around resigning Georges Niang. I was very frustrated with his poor playoff this year and really would not hope for an increased role this coming year. Not unless his game improves. I've also seen enough of Dante Exum to know I don't want him back. Some vets like Carmelo would be interesting--but I'll be very interested to follow the developments.

    Thanks for the post!


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      That's a good read. Thanks Red!

      We need an assistant coach who focuses on playoff in-game rotations, and we can run it back with Conley and the top 9 with addition of 2 veterans and a tough guy, in my opinion, especially if Ryan Smith is good with paying tax. It is always difficult when 2 of the top 3 players are injured, and it throws the rotations off. Quin needs that playoff assistant coach to help him see the bigger picture.

      I think Niang is a good 9th/10th rotation guy who can come in, take a chunk of minutes and score in the regular season, so that the main rotation is rested for the playoffs. He did hurt his chances to get a decent contract, and may have to sign another minimum or low value deal, which works for us.

      We need to add 2-3 minimum veterans like Tucker or Batum, who I do not know why they were not brought in last year. Only having rookies or projects beyond 9 and we didn't really have depth. It should have been known by mid-season how they played in late games when we had big leads, that they are not it, and they should have been changed by midseason.

      Carmelo is interesting, and may work as instant offence to bring into the mix.


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        Thanks redneck. Lots of information to absorb.

        I understand Joe and Bogey are the Jazz' best trade assets, but it would be tough to watch them leave.

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          I have been waiting for this. Thanks Red!
          We need a third star and will do everything within my power to get Lillard and hope no one gets injured…


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            The Rockets have reached out to the Jazz about the #30th pick. The Rockets are trying to trade with Detroit for the #1 pick and want an extra first to sweeten the pot. The Rockets would offer Detroit #2, #23, #24, and #30 for #1 and #42.

            Not sure what the Jazz would get for #30. My assumption is cash.

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              Maybe they use the cash they get from Houston to turn around and buy into the 2nd round to target someone they like from workouts? The 2nd round money is much less of a commitment and wouldn't tie up cap space long term. We know they don't want to tie up cap space ($1.6 mill) with the 1st round pick.
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                That is what I am thinking too. They'll just use the cash to get the same type of player with a non-guarantee. That is why I think there is some traction here because it does make sense.

                I'm also hearing that a couple of teams are also looking to trade future 1st for a 1st in this draft. If the Jazz could do that it would be huge.
                The Lakers have also offered Kyle Kuzma and KCP to the Jazz for Royce O'Neal, Bogey and Doke. I'm told the Jazz are not really interested in that deal, but they are interested in those two players. Likely would want to offer LA Bogey and Ingles for KK, KCP and McKinney. McKinney would be cut to save salary.

                There is a lot going on right now about Joe Ingles. Ingles tends to play well internationally so the Jazz might be trying to sell high.
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                  One thing I forgot to add to my initial post and not really transaction-related, but Donovan is absolutely pissed at the disrespect he and Rudy got at the all-star game. It was planned that they would be draft lasted because of their complaints about officiating and because Lebron is one of the biggest anti-Utah people in the league. Some other players felt that it was bullshit too and that Lebron and KD should have been reprimanded. Its thought that Mike Conley making the all-star was the league trying to make amends.

                  Also, Donovan would be on Team USA if his ankle still wasn't messed up. He will be fine come October, but it needs to rest to heal.
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                    More coming from Bleacher Report--much of which confirms the things you are hearing: The Utah Jazz are known to be one of the few teams actually searching to move playoff-tested talent. Retaining Mike Conley is an offseason priority, sources said, and the Jazz have held numerous discussions with teams around the league about offloading salary to create room for Conley in free agency.

                    League personnel most often mention Joe Ingles as the Jazz wing to watch, and Bojan Bogdanovic and Royce O’Neale are also considered available for trade as Utah narrows its focus towards building a contender around Donovan Mitchell. The Jazz are also open to discuss trading their No. 30 pick, sources said.


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                      I'm glad to hear Donovan is pissed with LeBron and KD. Their behavior during the selection was about as bush league and petty as I've seen. What little respect I had for them disappeared after that.

                      Of course, LeBron hates Utah. He can't win here. Frankly, I'll be glad when LeBron is gone from the NBA. Give me a champion like Giannis!

                      I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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                        The Jazz remain engaged in talks on trading the No. 30 pick to send Derrick Favors’ salary elsewhere, sources said. – via Jake Fischer @ Bleacher Report


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                          Darren Wolfson: Doug McDermott and George Niang among a handful of free agents the Wolves have interest in. – via Spotify


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                            Last minute draft night rumors from Tony Jones:
                            Things I’m currently hearing:
                            1. The Jazz are open to moving the #30 pick tonight
                            2. There is a specific player that could be available that is giving the Jazz a bit of pause on moving said pick (they really like this player)
                            3. The Jazz are active in trade discussions


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                              Go get Buddy!