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Dennis Lindsey transitions to an advisory role with the Jazz

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  • Dennis Lindsey transitions to an advisory role with the Jazz

    Basically Dennis Lindsey moving to an advisory role like Kevin O'Connor did before him. Justin Zanik is running day-to-day operations. Then Ryan Smith will be able to adjust the Jazz front office arrangements the way he would like going forward.

    Lindsey plans to spend more time with his wife and 4 children.

    And per the KSL story, Zanik is the top decision maker in the front office, but there is the possibility that Danny Ainge could join the team in some capacity.

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    Just the first move in FO shakeup. Rumor is the Jazz are hiring Shane Battier. Definitely a DWade/Miami influence.

    Tony Jones of the Athletic reports that Wade has a huge voice with the Jazz.

    I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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      It would be really nice to hear anything from Red.... but i guess he lost his contacts, with the recent history in Jazz ranks
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        Local news (channel 13) reporting that it wasn't Lindsays choice. He had a disagreement with Ryan Smith.



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          The Trib is reporting the same thing:

          There had been a long-running disconnect between Lindsey and Quin Snyder. While Lindsey hired Snyder, the relationship deteriorated over the years. While partnerships between coaching staffs and front offices are commonly fraught, this one was considered unusually chilly. Justin Smith made the call to remove Lindsey to an advisory role (golden parachute) and promote Zanik, who has a better relationship both with Smith and Snyder than Lindsey did.


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            A more detailed article from the Salt Lake Tribune.


            I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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              Windhorst, Pelton, and crew talk the Jazz situation for more than 15 minutes in this podcast.

              The Jazz discussion starts at 45:20 thru the end of the podcast. Basically says one of Ryan Smith's top goals was to make Donovan Mitchell happier with his situation in Utah. This was the reason for bringing in Dwayne Wade. Also discussed was how Shane Battier suddenly resigned from his position in the Miami Heat front office a couple of weeks ago. Speculation is he might follow former teammate Wade to Utah in some capacity. Ainge is also briefly mentioned as having connections to Ryan Smith as well to Utah, but is just speculation at this point. But they did say that they expect more changes in the team leadership going forward. Lindsay clashed with enough other people in the organization to be on the outs--even in Utah where stability and longevity is valued. Mitchell still isn't super comfortable with Utah--mentioning even off-the-court things like the racist comments to Westbrook and others where Mitchell is put on the spot to defend or chastise the fan base.

              Basketball-wise, they say major overhauls aren't needed (top seed in the west after all), but the Jazz are going to need to find some affordable players to bolster their spots 11-15 so that the stars don't have to do all the work--especially come playoff time. With a more cohesive front office/coaching staff, maybe they better agree on how to move forward.


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                More Jazz front office moves:

                OUT: Dave Fredman (the Jazz' longest tenured employee--since 1974--who came to Utah with the Jazz franchise) as Director of Pro Personnel retiring.
                IN: Marquis Newman promoted from Coordinator of Scouting/Pro Personnel Scout to Director of Pro Personnel.
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