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2021 NBA Draft timeline released

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  • 2021 NBA Draft timeline released

    The 2021 NBA Draft will be held on July 29th. The lottery will be held on June 22nd.

    The draft will take place exactly one week after a potential Game 7 of The Finals on July 22nd.

    The league will conduct a Draft Combine from June 21st through June 27th.

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    And as Jazz fans, we will be bored because I am 100% sure we are trading the one pick we have.
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      Being kind of a geek about this stuff, I'll be interested but mainly in following what other teams are doing. This is what I'm reviewing currently.
      Team 2021-22 Committed Salary 2020-21 Standing
      Knicks $49,819,421 #7 East
      Thunder $51,537,673 #13 West
      Spurs $58,614,283 #8 West
      Hornets $83,125,939 #4 East
      Mavericks $90,873,002 #7 West
      Pelicans $91,418,170 #12 West
      Cavaliers $92,435,355 #14 East
      Hawks $93,496,087 #5 East
      Magic $95,363,678 #13 East
      Kings $97,919,058 #11 West
      Rockets $97,948,399 #14 West
      Raptors $97,997,588 #11 East
      Bulls $99,304,124 #10 East
      Grizzlies $99,586,048 #9 West
      Pistons $102,311,907 #15 East
      Heat $112,272,515 #6 East
      Pacers $119,792,364 #9 East
      Lakers $121,241,196 #4 West
      Suns $124,828,321 #2 West
      Nuggets $125,536,010 #5 West
      Wizards $125,649,920 #12 East
      Trail Blazers $127,138,335 #6 West
      76ers $129,424,511 #2 East
      Timberwolves $131,265,754 #15 West
      Jazz $133,284,745 #1 West
      Celtics $136,474,816 #8 East
      Bucks $144,479,868 #3 East
      Clippers $147,871,185 #3 West
      Warriors $164,466,655 #10 West
      Nets $166,475,640 #1 East
      According to Spotrac, both the Nets and Warriors are luxury tax payers for 2020-21, and already are set to exceed the luxury tax threshold again in 2021-22 (Warriors with 11 players, Nets with 8). At the same time, the Knicks, Thunder, and Spurs will all have between $66 million and $75 million under the salary cap. Add in how Covid-19 has really messed with the financials of the NBA and this off-season could really be interesting.

      While this is only scratching the surface of an off-season analysis, a quick check on the Jazz show that the Jazz will have 11 players under contract with free agents in Mike Conley, Georges Niang, Juwan Morgan, and Ersan Ilyasova. They have their own draft pick (currently 30th). The Jazz currently would be less than $18 mill from the luxury tax threshold. Would they go over to re-sign Mike Conley and any supplemental players? Do they need to move a contract like Bogdanovic, Ingles, or Favors to make the roster fit? Even if they do trade a pick, things should be interesting.
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