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    Honestly, this year there isn't much. My most reliable source within the NBA has been at home for the past year, and hasn't been in the office at all. So she isn't hearing the usual rumors. My source with the Suns got fired, again. but this time I think its for good. My two Jazz sources are also not around the team much, though one did provide me with a juicy bit of info. and I have been trying to get info for this one guy I know that does have deep connections with one of the bigger sports agencies in the world but haven't gotten anything from him. But here goes.

    The Jazz are likely to stand pat at the deadline. They had considered a deal that would send Azubuike to OKC for a top 55 protected pick, but that may be off the table. This would be a salary cut to get under the tax.

    There is a lot of thinking that the Jazz may be as good as advertised and this may be a year they could sneak out a title. There are whispers that Anthony Davis could be having issues the rest of the season, and without him 100% it is unlikely the Lakers could beat the Jazz. The only team the Jazz really truly fear going forward are the Nets. The Jazz just dont match up well against them and a 4 game series could see 4 30+ point blowouts. This thinking, that the Jazz could win the west, has caused the front office to re-evaluate the salary issues. So instead of cap deals the Jazz will go over the cap.

    It is unlikely the Jazz do anything via trade. They lack assets to get trades done. One name I did hear was Khem Birch from Orlando. One rumor suggested that the Jazz would trade a players right (Probaly Mario Austin's) for Birch and 2 2nds using one of their trade exceptions. Orlando is over the tax and this would put them below it. James Ennis may be the player instead of Birch as well.

    The Jazz have held a lot of talks with the Rockets in the past few months. They were talking about a deal of Gobert and Conley for Harden, Tucker and House. This was before Gobert signed his deal and the Jazz were worried they would lose him. They did briefly talk to them right before the Harden deal. Jazz would have gotten a player and sent out Hughes I believe. The Jazz do like Tucker, but are not going to trade for him. basically, they think this season Georges Niang has been the better player, and why trade him plus depth. One target on the Rockets the Jazz like is David Nwaba. I am not sure what his injury does to his trade value

    The Lakers have inquired several times about Joe Ingles. Not sure they have anything on their roster that makes sense for the Jazz. Also, with both teams competing for the top spot it is unlikely the Jazz help the Lakers.

    The most likely way the Jazz improve their team is through buyouts. The Jazz have interest in a few players who could be bought out.

    LaMarcus Aldridge is one the Jazz like. They aren't making a trade for him, but if he gets bought out the Jazz could go after him.

    PJ Tucker: Jazz really like Tucker, but the feeling is not mutual. Tucker would rather go to LA

    Jabari Parker: if the Kings cannot trade him they will buy him out.

    Trevor Ariza: Likely going back to LA if bought out. But Jazz do have interest

    George Hill: Do not expect a return to Utah. He does not like the Jazz and doesn't want to return. Though, he never brought up issues while in Utah. It wasnt until after

    Ricky Rubio: Wolves are looking to trade him but likely will not be able to.

    Kevin Love: The Jazz would likely be his top destination. The problem is he doesn't want to give back all that money.

    Andre Drummond: almost a zero percent shot he goes to Utah because of Gobert. He wants to play.

    Otto Porter: There is mutual interest here.

    DeMarcus Cousins: He wants to play major minutes, but unlikely he would consider Utah.

    In terms of an extension for Mike Conley, it is being talked about. Conley is looking for something around 3 years while the Jazz only want to offer 2 years. If the Jazz sign Conley they are likely to move Bogey in the off-season. However, new ownership seems to be on board with paying to win. Something previous ownership wasn't always about

    Other teams

    The Lakers are actively looking for shooters. Wayne Ellington is a target but they have looked at others including Joe Ingles

    The Nets seem to be the front-runner for all buyouts.

    Denver is looking to add another big

    The Knicks are actually looking to buy instead of sell this time around. though, if someone gave them the right price for Randle they'd sell.

    The Draft

    This draft is extremely top heavy. expect the first 6 picks to be very good players, but after that it will fall off considerable. After about pick 10 most players are 2nd rounders in most drafts. If the Jazz end up with the top record in the league, do not be shocked if they trade back. Salary issues mixed with a weak draft is not a good thing for the Jazz. The Jazz have shown a lot of focus on TCU's RJ Nembhard. His dad Ruben had a short stint in the NBA including with the Jazz.

    The Jazz have 2 picks in this draft, their have their first and they have GSW's 2nd. Expect them to hold onto the Warriors pick though.

    The Jazz are hoping to have near full arena capacity for game 1 of the playoffs. The corona virus has hurt them financially and may have been a factor in their sell to Ryan Smith. Not just the lost game revenue, but the fact that ther faces of their franchise were some prominent during the early outbreak. I am told that the Jazz have kind of embraced their place in history now and have been more than happy to tell their side of the story to media outlets.

    It is also likely the Jazz coaching staff takes a hit again this off-season. Alex Jensen is the most likely candidate that will leave. He is garnering some interest from college and from the NBA. As is Jeff Watkinson. Losing Watkinson could hurt a lot. The Jazz lost some guys to the Knicks last year and look how the Knicks are doing.

    Lastly, there may be some new rules for uniforms coming into next season. Fans are getting annoyed at all the different uniforms. Teams may be allowed 1 home 1 away and 1 alternate uniform next season. But the playoff teams would get an additional one. Teams would have to stay with these uniforms for 5 seasons before switching. There is a conflicting story however, that says with the 75 year anniversary of the NBA coming up, that each teams will be allowed to do some kind of historic jersey. The jersey would have to celebrate the cities basketball history. The Pelicans, however, would not be allowed to celebrate anything between 1974-1979. The Jazz would likely celebrate the Utah Stars. Teams also would not be allowed to celebrate their NBL past.

    Also expect no preseason games next year played outside the US. Even if COVID is done. The Raptors will also likely play games in Tampa or Buffalo next season as well.

    The 2021-22 season will hopefully start in November. They are talking about only have a few preseason games and starting camp around October 13 and the first games around November 3.
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    Thanks for the update, Red!

    An interesting read, as usual.


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      Thanks, Red.
      Rudy Gobert: "Frankly, I like it there and I like the project."


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        Thanks, Red. Pretty scary that I almost had to cheer for Harden.

        I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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          If Rubio can help the Jazz in any way, it would be nice if we could get him. Minny would probably have to buy him out. Maybe he can ease the passing burden on Joe and Donovan when Conley is out for a breather. Rubio seems very frustrated. Phoenix trading him away had to be a big blow. That team was going somewhere. I am rather surprised that Chris Paul and his whining haven't blown the team apart.


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            Some deadline deals:

            - The Miami Heat receive Trevor Ariza from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Meyers Leonard (who waived his no trade clause) and a 2027 second round pick.

            - The Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to acquire P.J. Tucker, Rodions Kurucs, and Milwaukee's 2022 first round pick from the Houston Rockets in exchange for DJ Augustin, DJ Wilson and a 2023 unprotected first round pick, and the right to swap its 2021 second round pick for Milwaukee's 2021 first round pick unless it falls 1-9. The Milwaukee Bucks will also send Torrey Craig to the Phoenix Suns.
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              Any updates Red?


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                I have no rumors that aren't public and none I've seen actively mention the Jazz so far today. But I did run some quick trivia that involves the Jazz.

                There are 23 NBA players who are on true expiring contracts (not including options that might/might not be picked up) with a value of $10 million or more. Out of them, the Jazz have the highest paid expiring contract. Some of these have been rumored today for buyouts or trades.
                Player Team 2020-21 Expiring Salary
                Mike Conley Jazz $34,502,132
                Kyle Lowry Raptors $30,500,000
                Andre Drummond Cavaliers $28,751,775
                Otto Porter Jr. Bulls $28,489,238
                DeMar DeRozan Spurs $27,739,975
                LaMarcus Aldridge Spurs $24,000,000
                Victor Oladipo Rockets $21,000,000
                Tim Hardaway Jr. Mavericks $18,975,000
                Gorgui Dieng Grizzlies $17,287,640
                Evan Fornier Magic $17,150,000
                James Johnson Mavericks $16,047,100
                Dennis Schroder Lakers $15,500,000
                Cody Zeller Hornets $15,415,730
                Danny Green 76ers $15,365,854
                Rudy Gay Spurs $14,500,000
                Kelly Oubre Jr. Warriors $14,375,000
                Patty Mills Spurs $13,535,714
                JJ Redick Pelicans $13,013,700
                Trevor Ariza Heat $12,800,000
                Kelly Olynyk Heat $12,598,244
                Tony Snell Hawks $12,178,571
                Lonzo Ball Pelicans $11,003,782
                Paul Millsap Nuggets $10,000,000
                The Spurs also hold the distinction of having 4 players on the list above.


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                  ​​​​Jazz trending towards filling empty roster spot via trade or buyout market, targeting a perimeter defender

                  But is it enough? Should the Jazz be done improving? The answer to that is probably no. And that’s why, according to league sources, the Jazz are trending towards being likely to fill that 15th roster spot, whether it comes by Thursday’s trade deadline or in the buyout frenzy that is sure to follow. 3 days ago – via Tony Jones @ The Athletic


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                    The Sacramento Kings acquired Delon Wright from the Detroit Pistons for Cory Joseph and two second-round picks.

                    The Denver Nuggets have agreed to acquire JaVale McGee from the Cleveland Cavaliers for Isaiah Hartenstein and two future protected second round picks. Cleveland will receive a 2027 unprotected second round pick and a 2023 second round pick protected through No. 46.

                    The Chicago Bulls have agreed to acquire Nikola Vucevic and Al-Farouq Aminu from the Orlando Magic for Wendell Carter Jr., Otto Porter and two first round picks. Chicago will send their first round picks in 2021 and 2023 as part of the trade.

                    The Boston Celtics have agreed to trade two second round picks to the Orlando Magic for Evan Fournier.
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                      The Denver Nuggets have agreed to acquire Aaron Gordon and Gary Clark from the Orlando Magic for Gary Harris, RJ Hampton and a first round pick.

                      The Miami Heat have agreed to acquire Nemaja Bjelica from the Sacramento Kings.

                      The Washington Wizards have agreed to trade Troy Brown and Mo Wagner to the Chicago Bulls for Daniel Gafford and Chandler Hutchinson.

                      Toronto has traded Norm Powell to Portland for Gary Trent and Rodney Hood, sources tell ESPN.

                      3 way trade for Philadelphia, OKC, and New York
                      Philadelphia gets George Hill from OKC, Ignas Brazdeikis from NYK.
                      OKC gets Tony Bradley and second round picks in 2025 and 2026 from Philadelphia, Austin Rivers from NYK
                      Knicks get Terrance Ferguson from Philadelphia
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