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    I know it was only one game - and a preseason one at that - but I thought Udoka and Elijah Hughes looked pretty good! Dok has such athleticism and timing - 3 blocks in limited time! He's like the Dollar Store Zion Williamson. I'm excited to see what he can become.
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    I agree. I felt like Dok, while raw, was already looking better than Bradley. Hughes might be a steal.

    On another note - if the Jazz continue to play with the pace they're playing in preseason, this team is going to be fun to watch!

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      Me three. I liked the play of the rookies, but then I always get excited about the rooks. Hughes is a steal for where he is right now. Whether he grows as a player is the question. Dok is unbelievable. Raw, but the tools are there. If he can learn to shoot a lick, look out. That first block of his was incredible. It will be fun to watch these guys.

      Jazz signed Tre Scott from Cinncinati today. 6'8" PF with some range, has a nice looking 3 point shot. Undrafted, he might be a decent stretch PF. Plays bigger than 6"8". Very good defensive player, rebounder for his size. Might be a diamond in the rough.

      All the rooks are way behind learning NBA defense because of the season opener timing, no summer league, fall training camp. If they can make an impact, even a small one with that handicap, they'll be really good in the future.

      It does look like the Jazz want to up the tempo, shoot more threes. When they're on, they'll blow out teams. What happens when the shots don't fall, that is the question.

      Might be a really fun season.
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        Azubuike is very exciting to watch. He is huge, nimble and agressive, and definitely can model his game after Gobert.
        The sky is the limit for him. Let's hope he practices hard and takes advantage of the playing time he will get when either Gobert or Favors gets injured.

        Hughes.. I have no idea, but like all rookies, I hope he turns out to be a steal.


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          Hughes seemed like an avg college player to me, nothing to write home about.

          He did have a 20% ast rate which is pretty nice for a 6'6 guy. maybe he can become bench ball handler?