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  • Lets get some offseason rumors going

    The offseason has just started, but I do have some good stuff.

    The NBA is going to try and push the start of the 2021 season to happen on Christmas Day. We will see some post-season matches too. The games will also be played in the teams home arena but weather fans will be permitted is unknown. I'm told the league will try for 5 games on Christmas.

    Nets @ Knicks
    Mavericks @ Clippers
    Lakers @ Heat
    Jazz @ Nuggets
    and another west coast game. Probably involving 2 of the follow: Phoenix, Golden State, Portland, New Orleans or Memphis.

    If the NBA starts on Christmas, don't expect teams to make many huge moves. especially the playoff teams.
    This means money is not as good as expected, and with less time to scout players and develop chemistry.

    Jazz are likely keeping Mike Conley. I'd put it at about a 70% chance he is back with the Jazz when the season starts, but depending on what happens a 50% chance he is with the Jazz come the playoffs.

    The Jazz have talked about Chris Paul, but if they are involved in a Chris Paul deal it's likely as a third team facilitator. One interesting deal I heard had CP3 going to Milwaukee, Conley to Detroit, Griffin to Utah, Rose to Lakers, Kuzma to Detroit, and a lot of other pieces moving too. Jazz would send Tucker to LA but I am unsure about other pieces.

    There are some truths to the Jazz have interest in Blake Griffin. But I doubt the Jazz add him until the deadline if the make a move from him.

    Donovan will sign the extension for 5 seasons. He likes Utah, but knows he can always force a move if need be. He does have some issues with some fans. But a lot of people in the know think as long as the Jazz can keep a competitive team around him, he will stick around.

    Rudy is still 50/50. Jazz dont want to trade him, and he doesn't want to leave. Jazz are going to offer a deal 4 year 130 millionish deal. Rudy of course does want the supermax, but that number may be enough to sway him to staying.

    Rudy and Donovan have never been best friends, but they are getting along well enough.

    Donovan is really upset about blowing the 3-1 lead. He feels it was partially on him. Expect him to come out a lot more focused next year. He is studying the game a lot more and working on his shot, especially his catch and shoot.

    Jazz will try to keep Jordan Clarkson. Clarkson was not thrilled to be traded to Utah, but he seems to have warmed to being here. The Lakers will also make a play for him, and he has a lot of friends in LA. Jazz have bird rights so that may help.

    The Jazz did talk about firing Quinn Snyder after the blown series lead. He will be on the hot seat somewhat this year. management is not happy about blowing 500 10+ point leads in his tenure. The Jazz have not lost all those games, and have done it multiple times in the same game. But the Jazz have had 15 20+ point leads blown where they than trailed in his tenure. They are 9-6 in those games. For referrence in the last 6 years the other 28 teams minutes New York and Utah have done it 18 times. (New Yorks done it 31 times)

    Jazz primary offseason focus is going to be building depth. Jazz and Derrick Favors do have mutual interest, but the Jazz dont want to spent too much on bringing him back. Another former Jazz man that the Jazz could get for cheap is Paul Millsap.

    Some other names I've heard that the Jazz are interested in:

    Trevean Graham
    Joe Harris
    Winston Chandler
    Tyler Johnson
    Shaq Harrison
    Christiano Felcio
    Courtney lee
    Marcus Morris
    Josh Jackson
    Pat Connaghton
    Evan Turner
    Bobby Portis
    DJ Augustine
    Harry Giles
    Jakob Poetl
    Jonathan Williams

    Jazz will also try to retain some of their own guys, but most will probably be let go. Mudiay and Morgan are the two they are highest one. Williams-Goss and Oni will be kept on the roster until final cuts just in case they need to make a trade.

    Jazz are also actively shopping Ed Davis. The Jazz will not cut him though. His salary is a good trade chip for later and if half the year has passed they'll keep him.

    The NBA is actively looking to expand. Seattle is all but guarenteed to be the 31st NBA team. The 32nd team will be: Las Vegas, Louisville, St Louis, Kansas City,Tijuana, or Montreal. The Raptors will likely be playing the 2021 season in Louisville so that will be a good test for that market.

    The Thunder have some problems. The state legislature is not happy with the BLM protest and one member wants to evict them. If the season were to start right now there is a good chance they would be homeless. The election may change this, there is one particular state legislator who is really leading the charge on this and he is unpopular and may be out of office. But if it gets pushed the situation could turn very very ugly and the Thunder would play their home games in Las Vegas.

    The BLM hasn't created as big of issue as you might think. The NBA is attributing the low viewership to playing in the bubble and competition from other leagues and events. What seemed to hurt ratings most was teams like Milwaukee, Utah and Dallas losing. Those teams had a lot of viewership of the 18-35 crowd and when they were out that number took a hit.

    I'll have some more in a few days.
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    Thanks red! Good to hear something from the grapevine...


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      Thank you Red. Interesting rumors.


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        Thanks a lot Red.... I was starving for some fresh rumors !!
        "I like being a mystery, They haven't seen me to pick apart my game -- and they also haven't seen how much better I've gotten in the past year." Dante Exum


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          Jazzhoops is back!! Thanks Red, keep it coming!


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            Thanks, red. Two things that particularly jumped out to me is Blake Griffith to the Jazz and Quinn being fired.

            Blake might do well in Utah, but I'm going to have to work on liking him.

            I thought Quinn was untouchable so that's really interesting. It's true that the Jazz have not seemed to have the killer instinct to put the hammer down when they have a big lead. I remember the Jazz of John and Karl coming out in the 3rd quarter and completely destroying the opponent. This edition of the Jazz, on the other hand, seems to come out in the 3rd quarter and sleep walk. I don't know. Is that coaching or player leadership?

            I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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              This is a good time for the rumor mill to move !!! Come on Red !!!! We need yaaa
              "I like being a mystery, They haven't seen me to pick apart my game -- and they also haven't seen how much better I've gotten in the past year." Dante Exum


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                Got some more stuff.

                Jazz have been really active on the the trade market lately. Might just be them feeling stuff out though.

                There are some credible evidence to the Hawks trying to trade the #6, and the Jazz are one of those teams who are talking about it. Hawks want Gobert, Jazz are not so keen on moving Gobert. If there is a potential move for the 6th pick it will center around Bogdanovic. The Jazz have targeted someone in the 6-10 range that they feel can be a Donovan Mitchell type impact rookie. A rookie who plays at a high level on a playoff caliber team. On source thinks its Obi Toppin out of Dayton.

                The Jazz have talked with both the Suns and Thunder about the Chris Paul deal. Not sure what the Jazz would be doing in the trade, but it sounds like they may send several of their non-guaranteed contracts for a guaranteed contract and a pick.

                I have conflicting rumors about the Jazz and Gobert. One says Rudy is determined to make it work with the Jazz. The other says he wants the max and nothing else. Though both sources seem to think the new Jazz owner wants to keep Rudy at all cost. (barring a great deal that makes the Jazz better)

                The thinking is Ryan Smith is going to put his money where his mouth is and pay for the Jazz to get a title. He has some apprehensions about this current team though. He seems to think Rudy and Donovan are the core that can get there, but the other pieces are problems. This is why a lot of people think the Jazz will try to move both Conley and Bogdanovic.

                In terms of the draft, the Jazz are said to like a few players. I've heard Obi Toppin, RJ Hampton, Josh Green, Tyrell Terry, and Tyler Brey are near the top of their board. Only one that is really outside their draft range is Toppin. In terms of moving around the draft I haven't heard anything of the Jazz trying to move up or down.

                We could see some interesting moves with other teams and the cap situation. The Warriors are talking about trading away pieces like Draymond Green, and maybe keeping the #2 pick.

                The Knicks could actually be a non-factor in free agency again, only this time intentionally. There is something going on in New York. I've heard that Dolan may want to sell the team, and may try to part it down and have cap and picks for the new owner, so that it isnt such a mess to buy.

                Chicago will aggressively pursue Anthony Davis. I know he said he wants to stay in LA, but Chicago is his hometown and they will let him have a say in the roster.

                The Nets are going to be aggressive trying to get a 3rd star. Rudy Gobert seems to be their #1 guy.

                Dallas is also trying to land a big star.

                A couple of teams are in some real bad shape financially. The Cavs and Kings being the most prominent.

                The NBA should start letting fans back into games very soon. Some places will allow them to start allowing fans Christmas. probably 3-5 thousand. The Jazz may not be allowing fans at all this season. The Jazz are among a few teams the league says are in markets where local governments have failed to deal with the virus effectively and that the actions of the local government and community pose a significant threat to the well being of the players and staff. The Jazz, Thunder, Bucks, Heat and Pelicans could all be forced to either play the majority of the season with no fans or even play their home games in neutral sites.

                The Raptors are likely going to have to play their home games in Seattle, Kansas City, Louisville, or Buffalo.

                There are some precautionary measures being taken in case the Wizards need to play games in another city. The Wizards will not play any home games between January 15 and January 25. This is not too uncommon for them not to play on the inauguration, but that time frame is uncommon. They are also preparing for home games to be played elsewhere starting the season. There is a real feeling that there will be civil unrest in Washington DC and it will not be safe.

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                  Maybe Dolan saw the Jazz sell and thought if they can get that much, what can I get for a big market team like the Knicks!

                  And for the record, basketball reference lists these as the non-guaranteed contracts the Jazz have for 2020-21:
                  Player Non-Guaranteed Salary
                  Georges Niang $1,783,557
                  Nigel Williams-Goss $1,517,981
                  Miye Oni $1,517,981
                  Rayjon Tucker $1,517,981
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                    Thanks, redneck. Great stuff as usual.

                    I also think new owner, Ryan Smith, will be willing to spend money to get the players to be a contender. I can't wait for all the wheeling and dealing to start. It sounds like there's going to be a ton of activity.

                    I will be SHOCKED if Rudy gets traded!!!

                    I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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                      I am hearing that there are some serious discussions about Rudy to Atlanta.

                      Hawks would send the 6th pick, Deandre Hunter, Cam Reddish, and Clint Capela to the Jazz for Rudy, Ed Davis, NWG and the 23rd pick.

                      Atlanta keeps upping the offer. I've even heard that they are exploring getting a second lottery pick to pull this off.

                      The Hornets have contacted the Jazz about taking Mike Conley and an asset, but the Jazz dont seem to be interested.

                      The Jazz have reached out to the Rockets about James Harden, Eric Gordon and Robert Covington to see what the Rockets price is on any of those. Rockets are not trading Harden, there are rumors, but thats not happening. Gordon and Covington are likely too pricy for the Jazz.

                      Things are really busy right now in the NBA. Most teams are fielding several calls a day.
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                        Wow, wow, wow.

                        I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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                          Originally posted by rednecksbasketball View Post
                          I am hearing that there are some serious discussions about Rudy to Atlanta.

                          Hawks would send the 6th pick, Deandre Hunter, Cam Reddish, and Clint Capela to the Jazz for Rudy, Ed Davis, NWG and the 23rd pick.
                          Is that even close to enough? Is it weird that I don't know who DeAndre or Cam is, or are they really not that much of a factor? Clint? Yeehaw.


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                            The trade as presented works in the trade checker. Here is some info from there:

                            Atlanta Gets:
                            #23 pick

                            Rudy Gobert (#27 pick 2013 draft) Was starting C for Jazz
                            28 year old, 7-1, 245 lb C from Cholet Basket (France)
                            15.1 ppg, 13.5 rpg, 1.5 apg in 34.3 minutes in 2019-2020
                            2020-21: $26,525,281, eligible for supermax extension

                            Ed Davis (#13 pick 2010 draft) Was #3 C for Jazz
                            31 year old, 6-10, 225 lb PF from North Carolina
                            1.8 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 0.4 apg in 10.8 minutes in 2019-2020
                            2020-21: $5,005,350

                            Nigel Williams-Goss (#55 pick 2017 draft) Was #5 PG for Jazz
                            26 year old, 6-3, 190 lb SG from Gonzaga
                            1.4 ppg, 0.6 rpg, 0.6 apg in 5.0 minutes in 2019-2020
                            2020-21: $1,517,981 (non-guaranteed), 2021-22: $1,782,621 (non-guaranteed)

                            Utah Gets:
                            #6 pick

                            Clint Capela (#25 pick 2014 draft) Was starting C for Hawks, traded by Rockets with Nene in 4 team deal when Houston went full "small-ball"
                            26 year old, 6-10, 240 lb PF from Chalon-Sur-Saone (France)
                            13.9 ppg, 13.8 rpg, 1.2 apg in 32.8 minutes in 2019-2020
                            2020-21: $17,500,000, 2021-22: $18,543,478, 2022-23: $19,586,957

                            De'Andre Hunter (#4 pick 2019 draft) Was starting SF for Hawks
                            22 year old, 6-7, 225 lb PF from Virginia
                            12.3 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 1.8 apg in 32.0 minutes in 2019-2020
                            2020-21: $7,422,000, 2021-22: $7,775,400 (team option), 2022-23: $9,835,881 (team option)
                            Highlights sound like he has struggled for consistency to live up to his #4 pick status, but he had a couple big games his rookie year:

                            Cam Reddish (#10 pick 2019 draft) Was backup SF for Hawks
                            21 year old, 6-8, 218 lb G from Duke
                            10.5 ppg, 3.7 rpg, 1.5 apg in 26.7 minutes in 2019-2020
                            2020-21: $4,458,000, 2021-22: $4,670,160 (team option), 2022-23: $5,954,454 (team option)

                            So on perspectives here, it appears that Atlanta is looking for a star to pair with Trae Young and feels like Gobert could be that for them. They currently have under $60 mill of committed salary so could easily give Gobert money to make him feel respected and happy. Adding Gobert's experience helps give some veteran leadership to their very young team.

                            For the Jazz, you give up a star in Gobert who will be eating up a TON of money if he gets the contract he could. By moving him, you have money to extend Mitchell and then bring in 2 top-10 draftees from last year's draft which hopefully improve your depth and 2nd team unit pushing for starting spots on rookie scale salaries for the next 3 years. Capela would step in as a replacement for Gobert. His stats approximate pretty well and he also is signed for 3 more years maxing out at $19.6 mill. Plus you get the #6 pick to get Toppin or another young talent for this year.
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                              I guess the question always is - would the trade make us better. I'm like Cam. I don't know enough about all the players to form an opinion.

                              I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995