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  • Missing Jazz Friends

    Hi folks. I'm missing all of you and our lively Jazz discussions. I'm certainly guilty of being absent. Everything has just felt so weird, including the playoffs in the bubble.

    Going into the playoffs, without Bogey, I didn't expect the Jazz to advance so their play surprised me. Unfortunately, they couldn't sustain it for 48 minutes every game and lost a series they could have won. What an incredible performance by Donovan. He has now reached superstar status! Man, he was fun to watch.

    I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy. My journey has included a broken knee cap and all the rehab required, having to close my business for two months, and my daughter and her family contracting Covid. We have survived all these things and life is as normal as it can be now.

    I hope and pray we can see the end of the virus soon. I look forward to the day I can watch the Jazz in person.

    I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995

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    I hope your knee heals properly and pain free Pater, and I'm glad that everyone in your family is ok.

    As for the Jazz, it's been a weird year. I feel like we have found the core superstar in Mitchell and Gobert.. A lot more optimistic than when it was Williams and Boozer, and definitely more optimistic than when it was Hayward. Now, it's a matter of seeing how far they can go, and fingers cross, they get close to Stockton and malone level.

    As for me.. I have had a very different quaratine experience than a lot of people in the world. The government has shut down the border, and we have had 0 cases (internally), for like a 100+ days. Everything is open, but everyone is still wearing masks and washing their hands, but the tourism industry which accounts for 15% of the GDP is in a bad shape (but good for some that is cash rich). You can buy a lot of businesses here for a whole sale price.

    Anyhow, looking forward into hearing from all of you soon. I hope everyone is safe and healthy.


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      Weird year, feel like I am living in a 70's disaster movie. Pater, I saw the damage to your yard, hope it misses you this morning.


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        I hope you are getting better Pat!

        This year is weird indeed. Don't know what's going to spook you on the next turn.

        No cases in 100 days is pretty good, Tom. We had that early on in our state during the first lock-down and everything went crazy after borders were opened. So at this point in time I think that will hold good only as long as borders are closed from places where Covid is still active and prevalent. They could start opening up to other countries with similar low case record.

        Jazz is a couple of support pieces away from being legit. I think looking back, with the Conley trade we ended giving up a lot more than what we got back. Just adding Bojan without doing other changes may have done the trick.


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          I hope you are recovering quickly, Pater. I miss all of you. I stay home most of the time because of Covid. Boring. It has been fun watching the Jazz and some of our former players. Phoenix going 8-0 was something. I hope Jae and the Heat win it all.

          I bought some DON1.0 mailman shoes long ago that I intended to start wearing the next time the Jazz were in town. Still waiting. Crazy times.

          Hopefully this is my last hot Texas summer and I will be moving closer to Utah soon. Wyoming, Montana, and northern Nevada are possibilities.


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            We were an 8 second call away from a sweep of the Nugz, and now they're in the WCF. Can't help but think that with Bogey we'd be there instead of them.

            Pater, rough year! Hope things are on the up for you


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              Hope you are all doing well. I miss the old Jazz world. I miss getting drunk at the games, hell I miss going to the games.

              Blowing a 3-1 lead was almost poetic for this team. The Jazz have blown so many 10+ point leads this season, and during the Quinn Snyder era.

              It would be awesome if we could get this place going again. It's a lot less drama than Jazz Twitter, a lost less annoying than Jazzfanz and a lot less racist than Jazz Facebook
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                Thanks for all the well wishes everybody. It's so good to hear from all of you.

                The NBA 20/21 season start and guidelines is still up in the air. I was reading an article today that said one thing that has been learned in the bubble is the health of the players has changed dramatically from less traveling and demanding schedules. A few scenarios were presented. Playing in pods was one, playing the same team consecutively was another. Little was said about shortening the season, which I think is the one we'd all prefer but will probably never happen because of the huge salaries. It would be fun to see good basketball with rested players and would certainly help my pocketbook when it comes to season tickets, which I'm currently paying for while not knowing when I'll actually use them.

                Who are you all rooting for to make the finals? A Miami/Denver final would be awesome! If that happened, I'm not sure who I'd want to win it all.

                One of the things I miss the most because of Covid is traveling. I may just have to come see all of you when this thing is over.

                I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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                  I've got a small rumor about the scheduling. A lot people want something similar to baseball, where teams have long home stretches. Season would be 80 games, but there would be 8 divisional games and 4 games vs 12 other teams ((8x4)+(12x4)=80). The other divisions would switch yearly. Playoffs would be top 16, with the 6 divisional winners getting automatic births. The next 10 would be seeded according to record, strength of schedule and fan votes. Fan voting may not pass, but the NBA wants its marquee players in the post season. We may see something were the 16-19 seeds all play a tournament in Las Vegas for the last spot. This has a lot of momentum since the game between Portland and Memphis was a huge hit for the NBA.

                  Since I am not big on any of the 4 remaining teams, I was rooting for Boston-LA just because of the history
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                    Interesting stuff, redneck. Sounds like the NBA is trying to be innovative, which in my opinion is a good thing.

                    For me, long home stands are difficult. Life interferes with basketball games, believe it or not.

                    I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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                      Hey Pater, I've been absent as well. Miss you all, just been a weird year. Hope everyone is doing well. Last time I tried to get on the board wasnt working but that was a long while ago so I thought the board had ended. Glad it's still around
                      "He is the best point guard of all-time"

                      - Steve Nash, referring to John Stockton


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                        Hey Lenko. Great to hear from you.

                        I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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                            Been working from home the last 8 weeks. The spring was similar but we had a sort of Covid break in Iceland in the summer where we could sort of go where we wanted. Got worse again in october/november and we are just now starting to see daylight. My Facebook account was locked so I lost many of the Jazzhoops contacts I had in the past but I am trying to get them back, I'm always grateful for the friends I've made here and hope to keep follwing as many as possible.
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