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Rudy and Donovan test positive for Coronavirus

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  • Rudy and Donovan test positive for Coronavirus

    What a crazy scene at the arena in OKC. A doctor sprinting onto the court to inform that Rudy has tested positive for Coronavirus, then both teams being escorted back to their respective locker rooms. Hours of waiting for the Jazz as they waited to be tested and arrangements could be made for whatever they were going to do. At the same time, the beat writers that travel with the Jazz were waiting to see what would happen to them.

    Test results show that Donovan is the only other player that tested positive. The team is finally allowed to leave the arena and go back to the hotel. Donovan and Rudy are also there but unable to travel back home with the rest of the team.

    While all this is going on the NBA announces they are suspending the season. Just a crazy, crazy night to go along with all the rest of the craziness in the world at the moment.

    Everyone be safe. Follow all the recommended health procedures and pray for our world to return to "normal"".

    I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995

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    Its ironic that Rudy goofed around at Toronto post game presser by touching all the phones...


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      This whole thing is so crazy. It is difficult to see the hate Rudy is receiving on social media.
      Rudy Gobert: "Frankly, I like it there and I like the project."


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        I wore my Rudy t-shirt to the gym the other day.
        Even Iowans know who he is now.