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    I've got a few things. Some Jazz related but most NBA related.

    Jazz are looking to upgrade their frontcourt bench. Problem is, Ed Davis has no trade value. Actually, few of the Jazz bench players have any value at all. So it is likely that the Jazz will not be able to upgrade their bench until the buyout market.

    Jazz have been considering waiving Juwan Morgan before his contract becomes guaranteed. But they are unsure if he would last long enough on the open market to re-sign him to 10 day contracts.

    Jazz and Jeff Green have been very quiet on what went down that lead to his departure. But it seems like it may have just been a bad fit all around.

    Jazz have been active on the trade market, even before the season started. Exum was their primary chip but others have been discussed as well.

    The Jazz may end up making a weird small move with the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies want Blake Griffin but the Pistons want multiple 1st next year, so the Grizzlies will need the Jazz pick. The problem is the protections on the pick. Memphis could offer the Jazz a pair of 2nds to remove their protections on the pick (top 8 would stay in place) so that the Grizzlies can trade that pick.

    The Pistons did offer the Jazz Drummond for Gobert but the Jazz shot that down. Detroit has offered the Jazz deals like this in the past but the Jazz are not interested.

    In terms of guys, the Jazz could get in the buyout market. A few former Jazz players are high possibilities. guys such as Marvin Williams, Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver could be available. Jazz are also hoping that Derrick Favors may be available as well. Others such as Rudy Gay, Taj Gibson, Marco Belinelli, and Udonis Haslem may be on the market as well.

    You guys may be surprised to see Paul Millsap on there, but Denver has been quietly trying to acquire another big name to go with Jokic. Blake Griffin could be their target.

    If you haven't noticed a lot of rumors around the Pistons right now and that's because they are trying to blow it up. Everyone is available from them. Few players on their roster are even going to be expensive. Most of their roster could be had with salary cap and a 2nd rounder. The Jazz may be interested in a few players as well. I am told they like Wood and Mykhailiuk.

    Washington could be another potential trade partner for the Jazz. They are also trying to cut salary and collect assets.

    Toronto could have some interest in Ed Davis. Not sure what they could give the Jazz that would help the Jazz though.

    There is no truth to the rumor that Mike Conley is unhappy with the Jazz. Conley is unhappy with his body and its inability to heal fast enough, but not the Jazz or the city. Jazz are being careful with it, they do not want to rush him back and lose him for the playoffs. The Jazz still think that they can make a significant playoff run and will need Conley to do it. He should be back late January to early February and the Jazz will bring him in slowly.

    Jazz will be offering both Gobert and Mitchell the max extensions that they can offer to both. Jazz management sees a three to four-year window to win a title starting this season and will need both of those guys to do it.

    Management is happy with the starters, it is the bench that they are frustrated with. So do not expect any moves to any starting five and the 6th man(MC, DM, JI, BB, RG, RO) Everyone else could be moved.

    One guy the Jazz have been impressed with is Tony Bradley. He has taken huge steps from the end of last year until now. His career was hanging by a thread at the end of last year. The Jazz seen him as salary to be included in a trade and were preparing to likely waive him at the end of the preseason. But he came into the summer league having bulked up some and played well enough that they thought he was worth the risk and took his option. He has improved much more than they thought he would.

    The guy the Jazz are most disappointed in is Nigel Williams-Goss. They thought he was going to able to see some minutes, but he has not been impressive at all. Another guy thats let the Jazz down is Miye Oni. He hasn't adjusted to the new system and his new role as fast as the Jazz have liked.

    Justin Wright-Foreman is about where they expected him to be.

    If the Jazz should move multiple players at the deadline there is a possibility that Jarrell Brantley will be converted into a regular contract. Jazz like him a lot, but worried about his size.

    Now on to the rest of the NBA.

    Lakers, like the Jazz, are trying to fix their bench. Rondo is on his way out and Dudley may follow suit. There are some issues in that lockerroom and of all people, Dwight Howard is trying to play peacemaker. Kuzma is also being quietly shopped. Lakers will be big players for waiver wire guys. obviously they like Iggy but if someone like Favors should hit the market they will be all over that.

    Atlanta is another team that is active. They suck they know it and they want draft picks to take all your sucky players with bad contracts. Chandler Parsons is actually a very useful asset now, and while there is the rumor for Drummond, the Hawks are holding off right now hoping to find a better deal with more draft picks.

    Warriors are another team that is actively looking to acquire pieces. The Warriors are in a unique situation as Curry, Thompson, and Green are off-limits, but they think they can land pieces to help them in the future. They are very interested in Karl Towns and KAT is very interested in them. Dlo for KAT straight-up works, but the Wolves are going to want more assets so a third team is nessicary.

    Wolves are going to have to rebuild. One possible deal could see Dlo to Minnny, Kat to GSW, and Wiggins to Atlanta and Parsons to Minny. This would give the Wolves a lot of cap to rebuild and rid them of Wiggins. again, assets may be an issue.
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    Thanks, redneck. More moves by the Jazz? The world is upside down.

    I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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      Bench actually looking much better lately. Clarkson obviously been a huge boost. Bradley surprisingly reliable lately. Mudiay looks increasingly comfortable and less chaotic. And Niang playing much better since Green left, which I'm not sure if that's correlated or coincidence. When Conley gets back, that will likely move Royce to the bench providing even more depth there. The bench could go from liability to pretty solid.


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        Niang is much more comfortable at the 4. I don't think Green was a problem, only a poor fit. Mudiay is showing a nice numbers trend. More efficent, and more production from less minutes. I found the rumor about Milsap interesting. If we could land him, or Favs, for nothing but money, then I think we are in the mix.


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          Favors is not an option this year. I know we can't trade for him but I think we also couldn't even sign him.


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            thanks so much redneck.
            Rudy Gobert: "Frankly, I like it there and I like the project."


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              Chandler Parsons' car accident may end his career.
              He "suffered multiple severe and permanent injuries including a traumatic brain injury, disc herniation and a torn labrum."

              Very unfortunate for Parsons--freakin drunk drivers. This must also submarine any value he had for trades at the deadline--except as an expiring deal.


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                Got a message from someone who I know has an in with the NBA, but not sure at what level. He said that the preliminary voting suggests that both Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell will be named to the All-star game this year. Bogey is also likely to get an invite to the 3pt shooting contest. Bogey is also going to be considered for an all-star spot should somebody drop out due to injury.
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                  If Rudy and Don aren't all-stars we riot!