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Struggling is nothing new for the Jazz

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  • Struggling is nothing new for the Jazz

    I have had some time off of work recently and have had a lot of time to dabble in NBA research. I recently researched how the Jazz have played in 10 game stretches, so I was not surprised when the Jazz started to struggle the past 10 games.

    The Jazz got out to a hot start, something they do less than half the time this century. In the first 10 games of a season, they have had a plus 500 record in only 9 of the last 20 seasons. It gets worse, games 11-20 the Jazz have gone 5-5 or worse in 15 of the last 20 seasons and games 21-30 will not show much improvement. They have gone 5-5 or worse in 14 of 20 seasons. The Jazz have had a sub 500 record in their first 41 games in 8 of the last 20 seasons. Basically, the first half of the season has historically been bad to subpar for the Jazz.

    There is hope though. The Jazz have only finished below 500 in 5 of their last 20 seasons. I think we will see similar things this year. The Jazz started 7-3 but went 5-5 in their next 10 games and in their next group of 10 they are 0-1 and likely to fall to 0-2 with a loss to the Lakers. But then the schedule gets easier and the Jazz will win some games.

    The 7-3 start was the best start in 9 seasons, so there are positive signs. Lakers and Denver are pulling away a bit, but not too much. There is still room and time for the Jazz to catch up.
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    They also once again have one of the tougher early schedules in the league.


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      Great points Rednecks and Weber.

      The worst half of Utah Jazz basketball EVER is indeed troubling. That being said, there is this weird quirk of human nature to try and find the ONE thing that is wrong. It's the same instinct that gets virgins thrown into volcanoes to appease the gods, and where scapegoats come from. Not that you guys are doing that - but the Jazz twitter and FB groups are full of people blaming Gobert, blaming Conley, blaming Donovan, some even saying Quit Snyder's time is up. Usually, it's not one thing that is wrong - it's several separate little things, and almost 100% of the time - the twitterati is wrong.

      Look at the things that are being overcome right now.

      1. The Jazz are still finding their chemistry.
      2. They have one of (if not the) most complicated playbook in the NBA - it's going to take time to learn. (that's on top of getting used to your teammates)
      3. Donovan Mitchell feels pressure to win and seems to think that him scoring more is the answer to that (he'll figure it out).
      4. Mike Conley is really struggling (at this point it's a slump) plus learning how to play with a talented backcourt mate for the first time in his life.
      5. Our bench is kinda weak, and our team is kinda short.

      At 12-9 the Jazz are still forecast for 53 wins by FiveThirtyEight's already-updated projections. Which is ABOVE Vegas' over and under numbers for the season, Kevin Pelton's season projections, and Hollinger's projections - so there is that.

      IMO, the Jazz won't be true title contenders until all of the 5 above have been addressed. I think #5 our bench and length will largely be addressed by Jarrell Brantley and Mike One being brought into the rotation (and possibly a medium-level trade or our 1st round draft pick in 2020 exceeding expectations). In other words, it's going to take a little bit of time.
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