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  • Lack of killer Instict

    This team is not finishing teams off. Step on their throat! The team needs to get tougher!

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    Thought they'd run away with it last night. That was annoying.


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      Very annoying.

      Crazy night. On the way home, we were listening to the post game show, when they abruptly left the air saying they were turning it over to Fox Sports. We were like WTH? Later we found out that the arena had been evacuated because of a suspicious package. To make it even more interesting, there was a drive by shooting a couple of blocks from the arena. What a night in SLC. Just glad we were gone before all the excitement.

      I think you enjoy the game more if you don't know the rules. Anyway you're on the same wavelength as the referees. ~Jonathan Davies, 1995


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        Yet another game where they let someone back in at the end...


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          I feel last night might have been a bit more about fatigue on the back end of a b2b but still, they have to put these games away. For the offense not clicking, they are way overconfident on their abilities. I feel like they think they can go score anytime they need to and let up on the defense or rebounding a bit in the 4th quarter for some reason. A habit they need to break. And based on Coach Q's comments and red face at the end of the game I have a feeling they will get the message.


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            Observations from this season so far:

            * Joe Ingles isn't looking to score enough (he played well vs Indiana) and is passing up too many open looks.
            * Mudiay for all of his talent and athleticism only looks for his own shot and isn't passing in any kind of system.
            * Donovan Mitchell is trying to make the All-Star team via points scored per game, multiple games he has taken shots while being double or triple teamed - which would have made more sense last season with Bricky and Favors being open. With Conley and Bogie it's a sin not to pass to them.
            * Mike Conley isn't getting enough touches (I haven't researched the advanced stats), but it feels like he touches the ball about half as much as Rubio did.

            * Bogdanovic and Gobert have been the co-MVPs of our team this year.
            * Jeff Green is a streaky shooter (has games where he does 3-3 and 0-3) but overall has been great.
            * O'Neale has been amazing on defense, and pretty darn good on offense taking efficient shots.
            * Tony Bradley has been a nice surprise.
            * Georges Niang has been a nice surprise as well, he's playing better than last season. I was livid when we traded Jerebko, but Niang is the better player now. Never doubt Dennis Lindsey.


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              DM is being very selfish. He is forcing shots and is only trying to make the spectacular pass. Bogey needs to be our #1 option when he is rolling.


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                Originally posted by TrueAg View Post
                DM is being very selfish. He is forcing shots and is only trying to make the spectacular pass. Bogey needs to be our #1 option when he is rolling.
                From Locke:

                David Locke

                Last 7 games Bojan Bogdanovic has taken 7.7 threes a game and 7 or more in every game. He has made 50% of those three-pointers.


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                  Bogey was awesome tonight. Guy is good.