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Are the Jazz going to be too soft?

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  • Are the Jazz going to be too soft?

    I was listening to the Bill Simmons podcast today and he said that while he thought the Jazz improved this off season, he did not see the team as a title contender this year because the team may be a little "soft" and that some other teams may be able to take advantage of that in a playoff series.

    It was a little jarring to hear that, as I don't think the Jazz have been referred to as soft for a long time. However, it did get me thinking that the Jazz have indeed lost some of their toughness with Favors, Crowder, Thabo, and even Rubio.

    I think Gobert brings plenty of toughness to this team, as do Ingles and O'Neale. Ed Davis should bring some as well. I haven't watched enough Bojan or Mudiay to know about them. What do you all think? Is this something we should be worried about for next season?

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    Relax, it's Bill "fake news" Simmons.


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      Conley has also made an NBA All-Defensive team.


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        I think the team will definitely miss Jae Crowder in this area. Every team needs a junkyard dog - Rodman type that doesn't have a problem getting in a scrum. Crowder was the perfect example of this. I think Ed Davis might fill the Crowder role. Let's hope we don't slide back to the days of Gordon Hayward.
        Rudy Gobert: "Frankly, I like it there and I like the project."


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          Yeah, I think Bill was right. This team is awful. They are definitely way too soft, undersized, and lack heart. Really disappointed with how this team came together. We need a power forward immediately and someone off the bench who plays with energy like Crowder and Royce brought. And a point guard would be nice too...


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            I haven't seen them play hard for a full game yet this season. We have guys like DM just going for numbers. Ingles doesn't look like he wants to play basketball anymore. Conley just looks confused. Gobert has somehow regressed offensively. This team acts like they have done something already and can just go through the motions and win.


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              What would you consider as playing hard though?


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                Urgency, watch the Memphis and Toronto first halves and second halves. That's the difference.


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                  Originally posted by Mcabee View Post
                  What would you consider as playing hard though?
                  the way they’ve played the previous two years. The Jazz fought hard every night. They made opponents pay for driving in the paint. Rubio, Ingles, and O’Neal hawked perimeter players to the point where they got so annoyed they lost their cool.

                  This team just doesn’t look like they are enjoying playing together. I was not a fan of the Conley trade, but also not a Rubio defender either so I cannot claim to have seen this coming. But I’ve been thinking a lot of about what Rubio said after the last trade deadline about how management didn’t value team chemistry enough. We heard over and over the last few years about how well the team got along. I think that was important for their success. I’m not sure this team likes playing with one another. I do not see the same interactions we used to see. Conley doesn’t huddle the team up nearly as much as Rubio used to. I’m pretty sure during the Philly game the mic caught Green acting defensive to Gobert’s prompt to get back on D. Joe Ingles always looked like he was having so much fun out there. Not this year.

                  I would say that even if they can fix the chemistry and energy issues, I still think they are just too small.