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    Am I understanding correctly that Bartelstein is Portis' agent? If so, I can't feel too bad if he's miffed.
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      It's kind of quiet on the Jazz front. Jazz will likely be quiet the next few days and wait and see what they can add. There will be several very good players that will not get deals and could sign the min. for the Jazz.

      As for Kawhi, nobody knows what he is doing. But I did hear to expect a decision by Thursday.

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        Thanks Rednecks! It will be interesting to see who ends up not getting a deal.

        Here's to Kawhi NOT selecting the Lakers.


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          I've been hitting up a lot of people I know that still work in the industry today because I am off work and have nothing better to do. So I've got some interesting stuff.

          One guy, who I don't count as a source mostly because he's an asshole, swears up and down that Kawhi will be announcing tonight that he is signing a 1+1 with the Raptors. Kawhi is concerned that the Lakers don't have the pieces to truly contend for a title and if he does go to LA the 3 of them, Kuzma, and a bunch of min level guys won't be able to get past Utah. Take it for what it is worth though.

          A lot of the min level guys are waiting for the Kawhi foot to drop. If LA a lot of them will head there. If he stays in Toronto than Utah will probably have the upper hand on a lot of guys. If Kawhi stays in Toronto there is a good chance the Jazz will get at least 3 of: J. Lin, J. Crawford, J. McGee, J. Green, J. Jerebko, Z. Pachulia, V. Carter, R. McGruder, N. Stuaskas, or S. Dekker,

          The same guys mentioned above are looking at the Lakers too, in addition, Pau Gasol will be signing with the Lakers at some point to finish his career there.

          Jazz offered Justin Patton a deal but he apparently turned it down. He wanted guaranteed money and the Jazz would not give that. He was likely just going to be brought in to compete with Tony Bradley.

          We are probably going to see some major changes in how tampering works. basically 28 of the 30 teams involved in tampering between the draft and June 30th. That isn't the main issue though, the big issue is that 3 teams, New York, Boston and the Lakers, have blatantly engaged in tampering during the season and with players with years on their contract. 2 teams have threatened to sue because of it. Magic Johnson's removal from the Lakers front office is partially due to this. The worst case may be from a few years ago, involving a Jazz player not named Gordon Hayward. But apparently, a team reached out to this players agent, and told them to have him sit during the playoffs and this player sat. Than that team didn't sign this player and didnt even talk to him during free agency. It's a bold claim but someone in that agents office was apparently fired and now has the text messages. Lets see how this goes...

          And now more tinfoil hat stuff. ESPN is pissed that so many young high profile players are in small markets. ESPN allegedly told the NBA that Zion needed to end up in New York, which is why there was that angle during the draft lottery. The NBA went ahead and just let things happen and now ESPN is furious. ESPN is stuck between trying to freeze these markets out by not showing them, and showing them because that is what people pay to see. We'll see how much of a reality this is when the schedule gets released, but there is a possibility that the Lakers will be on TV more times in a week than Charlotte, Orlando, Utah, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and Portland are all year. Regardless if Kawhi goes to LA, expect at least 50 of the 82 Laker games to be on TV.

          The NBA was thinking of moving start times of western games to 7PM eastern, but the Pacific Time Zone teams freaked out. The Lakers don't want a primetime game to start at 4PM on a Wednesday. It looks like the compromise will be that more Western teams facing Eastern teams will be on TV than in the past. The next TV negotiations will likely include more Saturday and Sunday games. I'm told that the Jazz will be forced to start playing Sunday home games as earlier as this season.

          I may have some insight into the X-mas day games as well. The early game will be Boston at New York, followed by Utah at Philadelphia, Golden State at Toronto, Los Angeles at Los Angeles and New Orleans at Portland. Boston and Utah may also flipflop and it could be Toronto at Golden State as the nightcap.

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            Right as I get done posting this a Wojbomb hits that the Jazz did indeed sign Jeff Green.
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              Thanks Red.

              The player sitting out had to be George Hill right? It fits and he fired his agent that offseason didn't he?


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                Emmanuel Mudiay has agreed to a one-year deal with the Utah Jazz.


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                  Great stuff Red. If the NBA are genuinely pushing back against ESPN on small market teams... That's encouraging.


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                    Originally posted by Intermeddler View Post
                    Thanks Red.

                    The player sitting out had to be George Hill right? It fits and he fired his agent that offseason didn't he?
                    If that's true the Jazz should be pissed. And Hill definitely burned his bridges.


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                      Thanks for sharing Red. Very interesting.

                      If that is true about the player being instructed to sit, I really hope it comes out. Intermeddler, I am glad you brought up Hill's name. It does seem to fit. If it was a big market team that did this, it needs to come out. Need to level the playing field. It seems big market teams think they can get away with anything because they are big markets.

                      The EPSN stuff, if true, is really frustrating. I hope the NBA never gives in. I already have a hard time watching ESPN because they push their agenda for the big FA players to go to the big markets. Wait until Giannis becomes a FA, or even before. The rumors will be rampant about him going to the Lakers or some big market team. I was so happy when Pops seemed determined to not trade Leonard to the Lakers. It is why I am hoping that Leonard stays with the Raptors. I was happy when Paul George stayed with the Thunder. I am happy Milwaukee is one of the powers right now. And, most of all, I am thrilled the Jazz are killing it this off-season.

                      Here's to next year's finals being the Jazz vs. the Bucks!


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                        Originally posted by rednecksbasketball View Post
                        I'm told that the Jazz will be forced to start playing Sunday home games as earlier as this season.
                        Let's hope so. The Jazz's refusal to play home games on Sunday has put them into a position where they play the toughest schedule year in and year out.
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                            Sorry for the lack of rumors, I was in Vegas for the summer league and this site doesn't work well on my phone.

                            I did pick up a lot of interesting stuff in Vegas though.

                            At one point during the Kawhi decision, the Raptors contacted the Jazz to see if they would part with some pieces. I'm hearing the Raptors were trying to get Ingles for Gasol. They could not make it work salary wise. It was likely trying to get more cap room to try and get George. I'm not sure at what point this conversation took place but I assume it was before the Bojan signing.

                            The injuries you're seeing in summer league are just precautionary. Regular season most guys would play.

                            Jazz really do like Brantley, and he will likely be given a roster spot. JWF has some suitors in China and the Philippines and may elect to go there with the understanding that he'll get an opportunity at a later date.

                            Miye Oni may play himself into a roster spot as well. A lot of teams liked him and he would have been one of the first players offered a deal had he not been drafted, that is what prompted the Jazz to trade back into the draft to get him. They also had a deal Sacramento in the works but Golden State was cheaper. Front what I seen the kid has some real NBA talent and will be playing in the NBA at some point.

                            Jazz signing Williams-Goss was going to have to happen, there were a couple of NBA teams who were looking at him. I did have a rumor that the Jazz were talking about using him as bait to move back into the first round but prices became too high. The Jazz thought about trading his rights but nobody was offering anything beyond a highly protected 2nd rounder for him.

                            As for the rest of the summer league guys: Willie Reed and Isiah Cousins could get camp invites but the Jazz are not really interested in any of the others. Reed could also get interest elsewhere.

                            We may be seeing some major changes in summer league next year. With all the trades and guys sitting out because of them, the NBA may move back summer league. There is talk that Utah and Sacramento will begin after the 4th of July, followed by a possible return of the Orlando summer league and then the Las Vegas summer would start in the middle of the month. There is also talk of expanding it and having it go until mid-August. More foreign teams and maybe even a WNBA team may join as well.

                            The NBA loved the way that free agency turned out this year. The fan interest was beyond anything the NBA expected, so expect something like this to be the norm for now on.

                            The league may start allowing teams to contact free agents 24 hours after the NBA draft.

                            There is also the idea floating around that the NBA may move the draft to the 1st part of July, with free agency starting the Sunday after what would be game 7 of the NBA finals. This would allow for picks to be traded on the spot and not later, much like what we see in the NFL.
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                              Thanks, red.

                              Any sense of if / how the tampering rules will change?
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