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    I did hear the Jazz were interested in Conley, but I was hearing Exum being involved with the Jazz trying to protect their space. Obviously that didn't happen. I've heard conflicting reports about the Jazz and Exum. One source says the Jazz really like him and the other says that they are looking to move him. There is a possibility that Memphis did not want him because they drafted a PG and are intending to bring back Wright

    Jazz also had conversations with New Orleans about Holiday but they didn't go anywhere.

    Jazz really liked Russell and Russell had some interest in the Jazz, but the Jazz felt it too risky to try and sign him. Very good chance he stays in Brooklyn. (I'll explain later)
    Jazz and Harris have a lot of mutual interest, and the issue seems to be money. Jazz just cannot get under the cap enough. A sign and trade would have to be done and Philly does have interest in both Favors and Exum. If Philly lost Harris and the Jazz let Favors go Philly is said to be interested.

    Right now all my sources seem to agree that the Jazz likely are not going to get rid of Favors right now. The reason for that is that there is a lot of speculation that guys will take 1+1 deals and continue this free agency until next year. If that happens, Favors could be a very valuable asset to acquire future pieces.

    Exum could be in the same boat as Favors. Someone is not going to get a PG. If Brooklyn gets two(Irving and Russell), it could leave a team like Boston or Phoenix desperate to get one and they may severely overpay for Exum.

    Jazz will likely bring in a lot of guys to compete for their last few roster spots. I've heard Jaron Blossomgame and Tyler Lydon both mentioned. The Jazz liked Lydon is 2017 and actually drafted him before trading him to Denver for Mitchell. It would be the ultimate F-You to Denver if Lydon came to the Jazz and became a contributor.

    The Jazz will add a stretch 4 at some point this offseason. Two names that I have heard are Paul Millsap and Jabari Parker, but we hear those guys every year.

    If the Jazz keep Favors and use what they have left salary wise they will likely use that on a shooter. Seth Curry has been mentioned(Though he may get a fat deal) as has Jeremy Lamb
    A backup center will be added at some point too. Maxi Kleiber is a possibility.

    If Tony Bradley doesn't dominate the summer league the Jazz are going to move on. One source told me that if he basically has 3 SLCSL games to show something or they're moving on. I guess Bradley is a bit lazy and doesn't work as hard as they think he should. They tried to include him in the Conley trade but the Grizz said no.

    The Jazz tried moving back into the first round but the price was too much. Jazz was talking to San Antonio about 2 future picks and Bradley for their latter first but nothing became of it. My source did not know what kind of picks were involved. Jazz are tried several times to move up into the 2nd round. They tried getting up to where GSW was drafting and that is what lead them to buying 58.
    The Jazz really like their 3-second rounders. Brantley and Wright-Foreman will likely be on the roster. Oni will either be on a 2-way or go overseas, but the Jazz do have plans for him.
    Both 2-way guys from last year are likely gone. Jazz were not impressed by either of them.

    I have some more stuff, mostly NBA related that I'll post later.
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    Good stuff Red. Thanks.

    I wonder why another team would want Exum unless they are looking for a backup?

    Any ideas where Rubio will be going?


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      Locke is talking Exum up as a wing these days. His speciality is still D (on the rare occasions that hes fit). I reckon some teams would definitely consider him (and yeah, as a backup).

      Rubio has been heavily linked to Indiana.


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        Thanks Red!! Much appreciated!
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          Thanks, Red!
          Shrimp Mamba


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            Good stuff. Helping calm my withdrawal symptoms. Thanks, RN!
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              Red, does your source have any insight on the shifting perception of the Jazz and Utah?
              Rudy Gobert: "Frankly, I like it there and I like the project."


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                Originally posted by KYJazzFan View Post
                Red, does your source have any insight on the shifting perception of the Jazz and Utah?
                The perception is still pretty much the same. Most in the NBA see the Jazz as a very well run franchise who succeeds even with its handicap. Utah, the state, is seen by a lot of players as backward and not a welcoming place. It is getting better, but incidents like those with Russell Westbrook still tarnish the state. I've mentioned this before and it caused some debate on here, Jazz fans are seen as some of the worst in the NBA. A lot of other fans have similar issues, but those problems often arise in the upperbowls and not the lowerbowl like it does with the Jazz.

                I do have a few new things that I have heard.

                The Jazz have been actively talking to teams about deals. I'm hearing that they have shopped Exum and Ingles mostly. They have talked with Philadelphia about a deal. One of my sources indicated that there could be a huge trade involving as many as 8 or 9 teams with the Jazz getting Harris and the Rockets getting Butler. Jazz would move Favors, Exum, Ingles and other pieces and would receieve a couple of other players (No word on who).

                Another possibility is that we could see Indiana attach itself to the Conley trade where they get Rubio. One of my sources did say that that would not work due to cap rules. Indiana has a lot of interest in Rubio and the Pacers and Grizzlies are talking about another deal and combining the two Memphis trades would make it work.

                Jazz will let Favors know by July 4th if they are waiving him or keeping him. Favors has a lot of suitors but he fears if the Jazz wait until the last minute there will not be a lot of money out there for him. Favors prefers to stay with the Jazz though.

                Jazz are likely going to waive Raul Neto on Monday or Tuesday. They may bring him back but Dallas has interest in him.

                Rudy Gay is an option for the Jazz as well. He is Conley are buddies and he is looking for one more shot at a title before he retires.

                Paul Millsap is out of the running for the Jazz. Denver will take his option.

                One player who may get an invite in the preseason is Deron Williams. He's been working on getting back into shape and would like another shot at the NBA. If the Jazz are operating with little cap he could come somewhat cheap.

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                  Denver did pick up Millsap's option today. And Darren Collison retired--catching many off guard. So Indiana's need/interest in Rubio just increased. Also on the guard front, George Hill is getting waived since he only has a $1 mill guarantee--but they want to resign him on a new deal.
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                    Thanks, Red.

                    I understand that it is a business, but it would be pretty hard for me to part with Jingles AND Favors.
                    Rudy Gobert: "Frankly, I like it there and I like the project."


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                      Yeah agreed. Would be hard to swallow!


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                        Kemba to the Celtics.


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                          Jazz have already set up meetings with or are trying to set up meetings with: Bobby Portis, Frank Kaminsky and Tobias Harris.

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                            I don't see why we are going after portis. Harris is better offensively then favors so I see that one


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                              Mirotic to Spain.