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Irving, Simmons could lead to changes in next collective bargaining negotiations

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  • Irving, Simmons could lead to changes in next collective bargaining negotiations

    Items at issue that could result in changes with next collective bargaining agreement:

    - Immunization status - currently players are not required to be vaccinated, but the league does require basketball and business operations staff to be vaccinated. They then have to work closely with players who may not be vaccinated. This could cause some kind of concession from the players union to account for the discrepancy.

    - The super-max contract and designated player exception, desired to keep stars in their incumbent markets, is perceived to be failing in that task. This is due to the large numbers of trade requests from stars that have requested or demanded trades after signing a huge deal. Ben Simmons signed a 5-year, $170 million deal, and 1 year in is demanding a trade. "It is the new trick of the trade," agreed one longtime agent. Other examples include Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. Then there is John Wall and Kemba Walker. "Proposals have varied, but they largely center on something that would be a reverse trade kicker of sorts, where players can receive a maximum bonus of 15 percent of their salary if a team decides to move them. Some team officials want to see a player who requests a trade forfeit upwards of 70 percent of his salary. Others have told B/R about what seems like a far more realistic scenario, where the player in question would only make 60 percent of his guaranteed money once he requests a new team."

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    because they both have soup for brains?

    i would not change anything based on the whims of these 2 guys.