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Jazzhoops keepers league 2014-2015 draft - UPDATE

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  • Jazzhoops keepers league 2014-2015 draft - UPDATE

    There will be 16 teams this year in the league (instead of 18 last year), here is the draft order for the first two rounds; (uruguay and basement ninjas disappear, their player will be available for drafting).

    This will help even the league with fantasy studs as al jefferson, rudy gay or marc gasol will be available.

    First round : There will be a lottery for the 6 teams that didn't make the playoffs. The rest of the order is determined with regular season record (tie-breaker : Average points).

    Rounds two to five : order is determined with regular season record (tie-breaker : Average points).

    For each keeper over 8, you lose a pick (if you keep nine player, you lose your first round pick, if you keep 10 you lose your first and second round picks,...)

    As of today, this is the actual order (lottery not held yet) for the first two rounds :

    Hillstead Farmers 8-48 Lottery : 250 combinations out of 875
    Parowan Jackpotters 8-48 Lottery : 199 combinations out of 875
    Madrid Lenos 16-40 Lottery : 156 combinations out of 875
    Paducah Pariah 18-38 Lottery : 119 combinations out of 875
    Cactus consolation prizes 25-31 Lottery : 88 combinations out of 875
    Yorktown Yanks 26-30 Lottery : 63 combinations out of 875

    Complete draft order (definitive)

    Pick 1;Paducah;;
    Pick 2;Madrid;;
    Pick 3;Midlevel;;
    Pick 4;Btown;;
    Pick 5;Parowan;;
    Pick 6;Coltonjdavis;;
    Pick 7;South Beach;;
    Pick 8;Winteris;;
    Pick 9;Bergen;;
    Pick 10;Rhineland;;
    Pick 11;Besancon;;
    Pick 12;Icelandic;;
    Pick 13;Btown;;
    Pick 14;Parowan;;
    Pick 15;Madrid;;
    Pick 16;Paducah;;
    Pick 17;Midlevel;;
    Pick 18;Coltonjdavis;;
    Pick 19;South Beach;;
    Pick 20;Raja;;
    Pick 21;Winteris;;
    Pick 22;Bergen;;
    Pick 23;Happy Valley;;
    Pick 24;Rhineland;;
    Pick 25;Besancon;;
    Pick 26;Icelandic;;
    Pick 27;Btown;;
    Pick 28;Parowan;;
    Pick 29;Madrid;;
    Pick 30;Paducah;;
    Pick 31;Midlevel;;
    Pick 32;Coltonjdavis;;
    Pick 33;South Beach;;
    Pick 34;Raja;;
    Pick 35;Winteris;;
    Pick 36;Bergen;;
    Pick 37;Happy Valley;;
    Pick 38;Rhineland;;
    Pick 39;Besancon;;
    Pick 40;Icelandic;;
    Pick 41;Btown;;
    Pick 42;Parowan;;
    Pick 43;Madrid;;
    Pick 44;Paducah;;
    Pick 45;Midlevel;;
    Pick 46;Coltonjdavis;;
    Pick 47;South Beach;;
    Pick 48;Raja;;
    Pick 49;Winteris;;
    Pick 50;Bergen;;
    Pick 51;Happy Valley;;
    Pick 52;Rhineland;;
    Pick 53;Besancon;;
    Pick 54;Icelandic;;
    Pick 55;Rio;;
    Pick 56;Btown;;
    Pick 57;Parowan;;
    Pick 58;Madrid;;
    Pick 59;Paducah;;
    Pick 60;Midlevel;;
    Pick 61;Coltonjdavis;;
    Pick 62;South Beach;;
    Pick 63;Raja;;
    Pick 64;Winteris;;
    Pick 65;Bergen;;
    Pick 66;Happy Valley;;
    Pick 67;Rhineland;;
    Pick 68;Hill Valley;;
    Pick 69;Besancon;;
    Pick 70;Icelandic;;
    Pick 71;Rio;;

    12-25-2014 - The draft starts

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    Re: Jazzhoops keepers league 2014-2015 draft - UPDATE

    Man this is the year that I needed the first overall pick! Dang...
    "He is the best point guard of all-time"

    - Steve Nash, referring to John Stockton


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      Re: Jazzhoops keepers league 2014-2015 draft lottery results - UPDATE

      Draft lottrey results....

      1 - Paducah Pariah
      2 - Madrid Lenos
      3 - Cactus consolation prizes
      4 - Hillstead Farmers
      5 - Parowan Jackpotters
      6 - Yorktown Yanks (coltonjdavis team)

      I can't upload images, so they're attached.
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      12-25-2014 - The draft starts